Wiggle Tooth’s



Copyright 2020 Hold The Magic, Inc.
Published by Flashlight Stories

Wiggle Tooth

is on a fairy special mission. To meet Walter, a narwhal prince.

Who is Walter you may ask?

Why only the most daring of princes in all of the South Pacific.

He has a bioluminescent cape which glows to light his way in the deepest part of the ocean.

He has found a

secret treasure map!

And always calls Wiggle first for any adventure--big or small.

Wiggle grabs his diving suit. It’s made of fish scales that shimmer.

And his golden helmet.

Off he races.

Riding the current beneath the waves.

In no time at all, he’s reached Walter’s underwater castle.

Walter has a treasure map and a mysterious message in a bottle:

If it’s treasure that you seek
In the dark and murky deep
Follow this map to a cave that shines
For there a chest of magic, you shall find.